Creating Solution Patterns without writing text


Thank You!

Thank you all for the work on Solution Explorer:

  • Short cut to the user

  • Reduce friction


  • They express how we want a cluster to work (collect user stories tues/wed)

  • SOPs are walkthroughs on a QE cluster (get an example SOP)

  • They’re easy

Existing writers

Find a Solution Pattern

Instead of writing, you can find existing files that suit your purpose.

Find a user story on customer portal

  1. Find an AsciiDoc file:

  2. Copy the source file.

Create a repo from the template

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click Use Template.

Add your file to the repo

  1. Edit the /walkthroughs/empty/walkthrough.adoc file to add your content from step one.

  2. Rename the directory from empty to reflect purpose of your Solution Pattern.

  3. Commit and push your changes.

Add the repo to your cluster


Dual purposing Solution Patterns

This presentation is a Solution Pattern

See repo and the node setup docs.

Make your Solution Pattern sing

Edit the file to add some generic content:

  • menu on right

  • verifications

Did it work?

Try the steps again. If it’s still not working contact your administrator.

Is the future here yet?

There’s a CCS initiative to make docs modular, meaning that in the future you’ll need to assembly your Solution Pattern

  • Pro: you can assembly cross product Solution Patterns

  • Con: you must assembly a Solution Pattern, you won’t find ready-made Solution Patterns in docs

Find an assembly you want

  1. Browse the available modules, eg

  2. Grab the files you want

  3. Put them into a directory

  4. Create an assembly, eg:

    Unresolved directive in walkthrough.adoc - include::<file>[]
  5. Create the walkthrough.adoc

    ./bin/ walkthroughs/modules/assemby.adoc walkthroughs/modules/walkthrough.adoc